How to Sell

We buy items for our store on consignment! That means you get paid 50% of the price your items sell for after they sell.

What items to bring:

Bring us your women's and men's spring/summer clothing, shoes, and accessories that are in good condition without any rips, stains, or pet hair. Bonus points for cool/unique/vintage stuff :) Because our store is small, we ask that you only bring one bag/box/tote of items.

Favorite Items

Funny tees & sweatshirts

College tees & sweatshirts

Casual trendy dresses

Combat boots

Cowboy boots

Nike Air Force 1s

Fur jackets

Leather jackets

Quirky knitwear


Anything weird or unique

Favorite Brands

Abercrombie & Fitch




Doc Marten's

Farm Rio

Free People




Petal & Pup

Princess Polly


Tripp NYC

Urban Outfitters

Wilfred / Wilfred Free


What NOT to bring:

Basic tees, tanks, and sweats

High heels

Bridesmaids dresses

Formal dresses

Business clothes (Pencil skirts, Fitted blazers, professional dresses)

Prom/super formal dresses (wedding guest dresses ok)

SHEIN / ultra fast fashion

How you get paid:

Most items will be sold for $5-$50 with higher prices for luxury/rare/vintage items. Sales will be split 50% to Thrift Pony and 50% to you (the seller). You'll be able to track your sales through our consignor portal. Collect your payout anytime in-store via check, or once a month via direct deposit.

Managing Expectations:

Casual/ everyday items (both vintage and contemporary brands) sell best with our customer base (overalls, funny t-shirts, crop tops, cowboy boots, sundresses, etc.)

Formal and business attire doesn’t sell very well with our customers, and you’ll probably make more money at a luxury consignment shop or selling on Poshmark

If we say no to any of your items, it’s not because we don’t like them or they aren’t good quality, we just have very limited space and can only take in what will sell with our customer

We price items to sell. The great thing about our store is the convenience of being able to drop off items and not have to deal with them. Because of that, you’re going to make less $ than you would selling yourself online. But, you don’t have to deal with photographing, listing, shipping, etc.

Please email us at with any questions!

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